Saturday, 12 July 2014

July 2014 Birchbox Review

This is only my second ever Birchbox but I can honestly say I'm so impressed, & I've been dying to share its contents ever since I first peeked inside - this is the first ever beauty box where I know I'll get good use out of every product, & that feels so good! 

The theme for this month's box is sun, sea & sand - there's even a cute little promo video - & the idea is that the box is packed with beach essentials, simple beauty products that give a pop of summery colour, & I really think they've delivered.

The first product is this really fun Models Own Nail Top Coat, which retails for around £5. I already own one polish from Models Own & it's one of my longest lasting nail colours, so I'm really excited to give this a go. It also helps that my go-to nail look, especially for nights out, is black with a sparkly top coat so I can definitely see myself getting a good amount of use out of this.

Next up is the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (much witty, such pun), which retails for £20. I've actually tried a product from Balance Me's range before, I think from a Glossybox & I remember being fairly ambivalent towards it, but maybe this will turn out to be better. It's a nice light-weight moisturiser, with a relaxing lavender scent which I think makes this a perfect night-time eye cream. I also like the fact that Balance Me are against animal testing & use predominantly natural ingredients.

When I saw this Laqa & Co. Lip Lube (jeez, what a name) in the Birchbox promo video I was definitely excited to give it a go, & I'm really glad I received this fuchsia shade rather than the coral one, just because I think it's a more unique colour. This product is described as sheer high-gloss pencil & it's certainly fairly sheer after one coat, although it does have buildable coverage. I'm not sure I'd describe it as high-gloss, it seems to be fairly similar in finish to most other lip crayons I've tried. My only complaint about this product is that it just doesn't seem to live up to the £14 price tag. It's nice enough, but I wouldn't say there's a significant difference between this product & say the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms, which are only £7.99 - plus the packaging feels really cheap. I'll definitely be using this but I highly doubt I'll be purchasing it again.

If you read my first Birchbox you'll know that one of the big factors in me switching from Glossybox to Birchbox was the big name brands that Birchbox had worked with in the past, so I was really pleased to see a Benefit product in this month's box. I've tried Benefit's That Gal brightening primer in the past & been quite impressed with, although not quite enough for it to become a makeup bag staple, so maybe The Porefessional will turn out to be the one. It's a bit pricey at £24.50, but it's exactly the sort of product that I can see myself saving up my Birchbox points for.

The final beauty product is this Whish Body Butter. There's nothing particularly special about this - it's a rich moisturising lotion that sinks in well, & has a scent that sits somewhere between clean & musky, which is a bit odd. I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy this once I finish the sample (I'm a Body Shop Body Butter girl anyway) but little samples of moisturisers are always handy.

This month's lifestyle product is this 4-sided nail block from Fillosofille. I had a friend in secondary school who swore by her nail block from the Body Shop so I'm excited to give this a try. I'm not sure I have the patience to use it on a regular basis, but I can definitely see myself settling down in front of an episode of Game of Thrones & treating my nails.

This month's box has made me so glad I switched to Birchbox & I'm so happy with it, but I'd love to hear what you thought too - let me know in the comments below!

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