Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Quick Tour of My Dressing Table

One of the things I was most excited about when my partner & I moved into our new place was finally having a dedicated space to do & store my makeup after years of applying it over bathroom sinks & on window sills. 

I picked out the perfect dressing table on a slightly hellish Sunday afternoon Ikea trip - it's the Ransby model in black/brown - & after a couple of weeks for delivery, a whole day to put it together (with the obligatory arguing), plus another couple of days to get everything sorted, I'm finally happy with my set up so I thought I'd share it with you!

The top has a large square mirror which you can fold down - useful if you need your dressing table to multi-task as a desk - & plenty of space for whatever else you want to have easy access to. As you can see, I keep my hair-dryer & Wet Brush on the top, along with a box of everyday hair & skin products, & a few other miscellaneous items.

I did look into getting the clear Muji makeup storage that every other beauty blogger seems to have but it's just so pricey! Instead I use my collection of Glossyboxes & Birchboxes to keep everything organised - they're nice & sturdy, & the perfect size for an average sized makeup collection. I also found that the Birchbox lids are the perfect height for the top draws of the dressing table, while the boxes themselves work well on top for bigger items.

I keep my makeup brushes divided into two pots: my everyday face brushes including foundation, powder, blush and contour are in this cute candle holder I got for Christmas last year, & the rest of my brushes & spoolies are in an empty cotton buds tub (so glamorous). I find this really speeds up my morning routine as I know that all my essential brushes are in one place, & I only need to venture into the second pot if I'm doing a more complex eye-look.

Also on the top of my table is this little Kilner Jar of cotton buds. They're just so handy, especially for makeup emergencies, & I think the glass jar looks really cute. You can buy Kilner jars or Mason jars relatively cheaply on Ebay & they're perfect for storing cotton buds & balls, as well as bobby pins & hair clips.

The final box on the top of my table is my jewellery box. In the long run I'd like to get one of those necklace trees, just to make it easier to see everything & stop the necklaces from getting tangled, but this is a great compromise, especially since I don't really have that much jewellery (yet!).

Now it's into the draws. The two top draws (one on each side) are less deep than the bottom ones, making it much easier to access whatever's in there, so I've reserved the top draws for beauty products & the bottom draws for bulkier items, like my hot rollers. 

The top right draw contains all my face products. There are my foundations (just loose as they take up way too much space if I put them in a box), a box of face powders, blushes & bronzers, plus my Sleek face palette. As my makeup collection grows this box will probably need separating out, but as I only have a couple of each type of product it's fine for now.

Also in this draw is a box of all my lip products. Honestly, this box is already a little full so sometime soon I'm planning to separate it out, either by product type or by colour. I really love the acrylic lipstick storage boxes I've seen but I'm not sure how well they'd work for my (slight out of control) collection of Revlon Colorburst Balms.

In the top left draw are all my eye products, from eyeliners to eyeshadows, mascaras to eyebrow pencils. As you can imagine, it's pretty crowded & sometimes it's a bit of a nightmare trying to find that one product I need amongst everything else, so this is another box which I'd like to divide up at some point. This draw also contains my eyeshadow palettes; fortunately, although the draw is fairly shallow, I can still fit three palettes stacked on top of each other, unfortunately this does mean that I tend to forget about the bottom palettes.

Also in this draw are all my nail polishes. Honestly, this is probably the one box that I'd much rather was in a professional organiser, just so I could quickly see all the shades & also because they're so bulky that even with a relatively small collection there's already very little room left in the box. That being said, since I'm rarely looking for nail polish in a hurry it's less of an issue if it takes me a few seconds to find the right one.

Overall, I'm really happy with my new set up. It's obviously not perfect & if I had unlimited money there are definitely things I'd add, but it is functional. It allows me to quickly do my makeup in the morning before work with minimal hassle, & I've also found that having all my products in one place has made me more adventurous - I'll often spot something that I haven't used in a while & give it a try, rather than products languishing at the bottom of box for months.

I'd love to hear about your set ups, especially if you've got any secret organising tips - leave me a comment below!

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