Saturday, 25 October 2014

Introducing a New Family Member: Sesame

Ever since my partner & I started talking about moving in together after we graduated, we knew we wanted to get a cat. We'd both grown up with cats & as we got closer to moving I started checking the SSPCA website daily & sending my partner links to potential candidates.

When we finally moved we just weren't in the right place finally to get a cat, but when I got my job last month the hunt got serious. We knew we wanted to adopt (& I'd strongly recommend checking out your local shelters if you're looking for a pet) but we were struggling to find any cats that would suit us: we wanted an adult cat that was friendly & affectionate, & would be happy being indoors (living in a second floor flat so an outdoor cat just wasn't practical).

Then, one night, I discovered Pets4Homes where people can not only list pets they're looking to sell, but also pets that are just looking for a good home. Sesame (the name we've given her, Mitzy just wasn't cutting it) immediately caught our eye & we quickly texted her owner who replied almost immediately, explaining that her partner was allergic to her & therefore they were looking for someone to take her. 

After some back & forth, we agreed she could bring Sesame over that evening, along with her litter box, some food, & a couple of other items.

The first few days were a little tense: Sesame was super nervous & spent a lot of time hiding under the bed, but since then she's really come out of her shell. She's so affectionate, really playful, & majestic as fuck (hence the endless of photos of her on my Instagram). Getting up is so much less painful with her warm body tangling itself in my legs as I try to reach the bathroom & coming home from work to her sitting on top of the kitchen counter never fails to make my heart sing. She seems really content here & we couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family.

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