Saturday, 15 November 2014

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar First Impressions

I cracked. 

When I finished my advent calendar round-up post last month I honestly wasn't sold on any of the options, so I pledged to save my money & picked up a couple's (ew, I know) chocolate advent calendar from Hotel Chocolat instead. But as the weeks dragged on, & the nights got darker, my mind kept wandering back to YOU Beauty's offering & before I knew it I was checking out & it had arrived on my doorstep.

It was definitely an unnecessary extravagance but do I regret it? Hell no!

The packaging is really beautiful. The slightly glossy gold box is covered in white stars, with a white band embossed with the YOU Beauty logo holding the two halves together. It looks really high quality & I can imagine you making someone's month if you gave it as a gift. I'm also quite impressed that the styling matches the luxury products inside & not the (relatively) low cost of the calendar itself.

The box opens like a book & the second I saw the little windows I was itching to get them open - I definitely like fact that they're all different shapes & sizes, it really ups the anticipation! I also like the interior styling - it's simple enough that you could get away with having it on display in your home without too many awkward questions.

My only complaint would be that some of the windows had already begun to come open by the time it had arrived, almost revealing the products inside. I'm not hugely worried since I bought this for myself & had already briefly looked over the product list on the website, but I can see this being disappointing if you were really focused on the element of surprise or if you'd bought it as a gift for someone.

The calendar also comes with a little magazine including detailed descriptions of all the products, as well as discounts on various beauty brand sites. Again, this isn't ideal if you're big on surprises, but you could always hide it away until Christmas Day, & I personally like the idea of getting some money off, especially given the luxury nature of some of the products.

I'm so happy I ended up getting a beauty advent calendar & I'm keen to share what's inside with you. My only worry is that posting every day could get a bit overwhelming, so I'm thinking about posting a little mini hauls every three or four days with my thoughts on the items so far. Does that sound good or would you rather have every day posts? Let me know in the comments below.

If you'd like to purchase this calendar for yourself or someone else then you can buy it here for £49.95 plus p&p.

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