Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter Wonderland: Christmas Decorating

Apologies in advance for such a photo-heavy post but I just really love Christmas, ok? 

This is the first year that my partner & I have lived together just the two of us, & as a big Christmas fan I was dying to start decorating, even though we're actually spending Christmas Day at his parents'. So, I figured why not share my decorations with all of you, & hopefully spread a bit of Christmas spirit.

The first thing I picked out was this Christmas garland. I wasn't really sure where it was going to go, but I've watched enough American Christmas films to know we had to have one, & in the end it's settled under the TV. I really love how realistic it looks with bushy branches of silvery leaves, sprinkles of snow, & little pine cones. I added in some of these obscenely cheap fake red berries to brighten it up a bit & I think it looks beautiful. I ordered a matching wreath for our door, but unfortunately there were delivery issues so we ended up cancelling our order - I definitely want one for next year though.

Apologies for the lack of full-length tree photos but in a moment of Christmas delirium I picked out this 7ft monster, & getting it all in one shot is basically impossible. It turned out that picking a Christmas tree was harder that I thought, as almost all of the trees under £100 had terrible ratings & who the hell is paying over £100 for a Christmas tree. I'm pretty happy with our choice though - it's certainly majestic as it attempts to break through our ceiling, plus it's nice & bushy. 

I grabbed some reasonably priced lights, some gold tinsel, & - as per the bfs request - some purple baubles. I also picked up these cute wooden snowflake decorations to make the whole thing feel a bit more personal. For a tree topper, I originally picked out this little feathery robin from Hobbycraft but it looks a bit ridiculous perching lopsidedly on the tree so we might need something else next year.

During my Etsy browsing I became obsessed with the idea of having a banner or garland up on the wall behind our sofa, but in the end all the options were too expensive & I just didn't have the time to make anything (although I'm definitely going to give it a shot next year). Instead I picked up a couple of packs of these paper snowflake string decorations & I really like them - I think they look especially pretty hung up on the back of doors - plus, because they're on string you can cut them up in whatever combinations suit you.

I wanted our flat to feel really cosy so I also bought a set of star fairy lights to string along the wall behind our TV (I would 100% recommend these, they're super sturdy & have a nice warm glow), as well as a Yankee Candles Christmas sampler.

On a bit of a whim, I also grabbed a couple of packs of these snowflake window stickers. During the day they do look a bit tacky but at night I think they're really beautiful when combined with the lights outside & the reflections from inside.

As well as the big things like a tree, lights & a garland, I'm a huge fan of adding in little festive touches like this adorable miniature reindeer. I originally bought a pack of ten or so to place in the centre of some festive soaps I made a couple of years ago but I had one too many, so now this little guy is on our bookshelf.

The final Christmas touch is our advent calendars. As you'll have seen, I got the You Beauty calendar which I'm loving, my boyfriend has the Lego Star Wars calendar which is hilarious, & we're sharing a Hotel Chocolat couples' (ew, I know) calendar. I was keen to start up some festive traditions for our little family & sneaking over to the calendars at ten past midnight & seeing what we've got is definitely one of them.

So that's us all ready for Christmas - I'd love to hear your Christmas decorating stories & ideas in the comments below (no really, I fucking love Christmas).

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