Sunday, 11 January 2015

Review: Makeup Geek's Foiled Eyeshadows

The second I saw Nikkie review Makeup Geek's new foiled eyeshadows I knew I needed them in my life. I'm a sucker for metallic shine & these are the shiniest, most metallic eyeshadows out there.

The shadows retail for $9.99, slightly higher than the standard price for Makeup Geek's shadows, but personally I feel like it's worth paying extra for the new formula, plus the exchange rate means you make a bit of a saving (although beware the exorbitant customs charges). 

There are ten shades in total, ranging from neutrals (like the shadows I picked out) to bright purples & olive greens. You can buy all ten for $89, saving you $10, but personally I knew I just wouldn't get the use out of enough of the shades to make it worthwhile. 

It's also worth noting that as these are single eyeshadow pans, you will need to have a magnetic palette for them to sit in, in order to keep them safe, especially if you plan on taking them with you when travelling.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful - I love how the gold looks - & the shadows fit nice & snug inside the cardboard slip, meaning that - at a push - you could store them in there, especially if they're just going to be sitting in your dressing table.

I picked out three shades & there are swatches at the end of this post, but I wanted to talk about each shadow individually as they are all slightly different.

First up is Grandstand, which is a rose gold, with flashes of copper. I would say this has a medium amount of the foiled effect & is probably slightly less pigmented than the other two shadows, although saying that, they're all incredibly pigmented so it's definitely not something to worry about particularly.

Unfortunately, this shadow broke in transit. Honestly, this was always going to be a risk shipping shadows from the US to the UK, & to their credit Makeup Geek arranged for me to get a refund within in an hour of emailing them. I also don't think they could do much more in terms of packaging - the shadows arrived inside three layers of bubble wrap, contained in a sturdy box filled with polystyrene pellets. I did toy with the idea of asking for a replacement, but the risk of it arriving broken again, combined with the £11 customs charge (that's a £3 charge, £8 "handling fee" - Royal Mail is a fucking joke) put me off. On the bright side, with a little vodka I did manage to repair the shadow & it looks like I only lost around a third of the pigment which is nice.

Next up is In The Spotlight, & this was probably the hardest one to capture on camera because it flashes two completely different colours. From one angle it's a super light champagne colour, & from the other it's an orangey-coral shade. Either way it's beautiful & it's by far the most foiled of the three I picked up. I think I'm going to be getting a lot of use out of this as a highlight on the inner corner of my eye.

The final shadow I picked is Mesmerised, which is a deep medium taupe (taupe is like my kryptonite at the moment). In terms of finish, this one is the most matte but it still has a definite chrome effect, & shows flashes of purple from certain angles. Honestly, this shade is my surprise favourite - it's an incredible smoky eye shadow as well as being perfect for adding a little something extra to your crease.

All three shadows apply like a dream - the texture is so soft it's almost like a cream shadow - & they look beautiful on the skin. I'm also super happy with the colours I picked, although I would say that they don't necessarily look like the images on the website, so if you're considering buying them it's probably worth checking out some videos so you can get a sense of what the true colours are.

I'm so happy with my purchase & although the broken shadow is a bummer, Makeup Geek's great customer service definitely softened the blow. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the shadows, if you've tried them, & which shades you want to try if you haven't.

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