Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Face Off: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow vs. Brow Wiz

At this point, I feel like Anastasia Beverly Hills requires no introduction, particularly when it comes to their brow products.

The ABH Dipbrow Pomade & Brow Wiz are firm favourites among beauty bloggers, but they're not cheap, so I decided to put them head-to-head to figure out which was most deserving of your money.

Naturally my brows are a light taupe (making buying brow products a nightmare) & pretty unruly. I can just about be bothered to tweeze between my brows so any other stray hairs are a lost cause. I'm pretty chilled about this - I think especially as my brows are so light it's not particularly noticeable - although I have been considering getting them threaded at some point, purely to make filling them in easier.

The first product I picked out was the Dipbrow Pomade (RRP $18 or £12), mainly because I'm generally a fan of bolder brows, & wanted something that could give me a really defined shape.

The packaging feels fitting for the price: the black with gold accents looks luxurious without being over the top, and the glass container feels nice & weighty. At first I was taken aback by how little product you got (only 4g), but honestly the pomade is so pigmented that a tiny amount goes a long, long way.

I went for the shade Taupe, which is slightly cooler & darker than Blonde, but far more suited to my natural brow colour. As you can see from the swatches, this stuff is super pigmented & can easily be used to create really dramatic looks, but it's also super versatile, & when applied with a softer hand & blended in, it can look incredibly natural.

Without a doubt, the easiest way to apply the pomade is with an angled brush - this technique gives you the most control & enough precision to get a nice sharp line.

Honestly, because my brows lack natural definition, I did struggle applying this, particularly towards the end of my brow where I just have a collection of tiny hairs dotted around, seemingly at random (thanks mother nature). However, practice definitely makes perfect, & the more I've used the pomade since, the easier I've found it to get the defined yet natural look I like.

The key to getting the most out of the Dipbrow is being really reserved & building up the colour, rather than trying to go in & get a clean line straight away. Going back in with a spoolie afterwards can also help to eliminate any harsh lines, particularly around the front of the brow.

I'm a big fan of the Dipbrow, & it's particularly good if you have a job where you're working long hours or sweating because this stuff will not budge once applied. However, it can be difficult to get it looking natural, & it definitely takes time to apply it correctly - not ideal if you haven't got room for another five minutes in your morning beauty regime. That being said, I think the Dipbrow Pomade is perfect for nights out, where you've generally got a bit more time to invest in getting your look perfect, & where a bolder brow can really compliment a more dramatic makeup look.

After struggling a little with the Dipbrow Pomade, I went back & picked up the Brow Wiz pencil (RRP $21 or £14), in the hopes that it would be easier to use & would give a more natural-looking quick fix. I wasn't disappointed.

The Brow Wiz features a super thin mechanical pencil on one end, & a spoolie on the other - perfect if you're trying to do your brows on the go. The pencil is designed to be fine enough to simulate  individual hairs & I can honestly say it works: it's perfect for subtly adding definition throughout the brow & the look it gives is so natural that I very rarely find myself using the spoolie.

As with the Dipbrow, I went for the shade Taupe & it's a perfect match for my brows. Finding brow products which are both light & cool-toned can be near impossible, so if that's something you've been struggling with then I'd definitely recommend giving this a shot.

As you can see, the Brow Wiz gives a far more natural appearance, & that - combined with how easy it is to apply - has made it my go-to everyday brow product. 

My one complaint is in relation to the amount of product you get: despite this being $3 more expensive than the Dipbrow, you only receive 0.085g of product, which feels really stingy, & makes the pencil far worse value for money than the pomade.

Overall, I think both products are good but they serve different purposes. If you want something you can quickly slot into your beauty regime which will add a pop of natural definition to your brows then go with the Brow Wiz. If you've got a bit more time & want a bolder look, go for the Dipbrow. Either way, you're getting a product that genuinely lives up to the hype.

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