Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mini Lush Haul

I've never really been much of a Lush fan-girl. Don't get me wrong, teenage me definitely did her fair share of loitering among the bath bombs on a Saturday afternoon in Reading, but I was always more of a window shopper.

Fast forward five years to last week & I was having a bit of a crisis. Despite never really suffering from sensitive skin before, I'd had a pretty serious reaction to new deodorant which had left my underarms feeling super irritated. I ended up having to skip deodorant completely for a few days in order to let my skin heal (thank god I have a desk job) & by the end of the whole process I swore I would only use all-natural products from now on.

Turns out that's a little harder than you'd think. All the products I could find online were either really poorly rated, or ridiculously expensive so I ended up on Lush's website, & picked out their Aromaco deodorant bar (RRP £4.95).

At first I was impressed: the texture was smooth (something my still sensitive armpits were grateful for) & the scent was mild. My only complaint was that a block deodorant just isn't that convenient - it ends up all over your hands & acts as a magnet for fluff, but I was willing to deal with it if I could avoid a return to my itchy armpit nightmare.

However, having used it for just over a week now, I actually have a few more complaints. First up, while Aromaco is great at controlling odours, it seems to do nothing to prevent moisture, meaning that I was regularly left feeling clammy & I can imagine that someone who sweats more would end up with pretty noticeable sweat patches on their clothing. I also found that the block dried up incredibly quickly (maybe I should have kept it inside some tupperware?) meaning it lost that soft consistency & ended up actually feeling quite harsh to apply.

Overall, while this was a nice interim measure while my armpits were healing, I definitely can't see myself using it in the longer term, especially once we hit Summer - it just isn't effective enough for me. Luckily, I switched back to my faithful old Dove antiperspirant & don't seem to have had an issues so far (touch wood), so I'm hoping this was just a one off.

Obviously I couldn't place an order at Lush for only one product so I took the opportunity to try out a few other treats. 

Next up into my basket was the BB Seaweed Mask (RRP £6.50), which I chose mainly for it's antiseptic & oil-controlling qualities. 

I've been a big fan of seaweed in products since my early teens & I really enjoyed this mask. I don't think it's a miracle cure for acne, but it did leave my face feeling soft & soothed. Just a warning: do not ignore the "keep in the fridge" notice - I accidentally left mine out, thankfully with only a tiny amount left in the pot, & it grew some seriously impressive mould - you have been warned.

My third product choice was the Celestial moisturiser (RRP £12.50). I went back & forth on purchasing this a couple of times, mainly because that price tag is pretty unforgiving, but I've been looking for a nice, deep moisturiser for a while, so in the end I went for it.

In terms of application, Celestial is truly heavenly. It smells like vanilla frosting & the whipped texture means it feels rich without being heavy on the skin - I particularly love using this after a shower when my face is feeling dehydrated. You only need a small amount (thank god) so a tub should last a good while.

I haven't really been using it consistently enough to comment on any longer term effects but I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're struggling with dry skin.

The final product I went for was one I'd heard a lot of beauty bloggers talk about, & it's the Mint Julips lip scrub (RRP £5.50). I'm pretty much convinced now that this is a must have if you're a fan of matte lipsticks - the problems I mentioned in my review of Kat Von D's Studded Kiss lipsticks? Gone, ever since I started using this scrub.

I love how easy this scrub is to use - I apply it when I first sit down at my dressing table, buff it in with a finger, let it sit while I brush my hair, & then lick it off - the all natural ingredients means there's no need to remove with a cloth (unless the thought of eating it makes you squeamish). The taste is quite strong, but the mint keeps it fresh, & it disappears quite quickly once you remove the scrub.

It is a little pricey but even this tiny pot should last a good while, & it's certainly more effective than previous lip scrubs I've tried.

I feel like this haul was kind of hit & miss, & I'm still not convinced that all these products are worth the slightly inflated price tag that comes with the Lush brand, but - excluding the deodorant - they're all solid picks. Are you a big fan of Lush? If so, let me know what your favourite products are in the comments below.

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