Sunday, 5 April 2015

OOTD: George at ASDA Jumpsuit

I've been meaning to post more OOTDs on here since forever, but during Winter the short hours of sunlight make shooting a bit of a nightmare. Hopefully now it's Spring - the weather today is glorious - I'll be able to get my camera out a bit more.

The item I want to focus on today is this khaki jumpsuit from George at ASDA. I bought it on sale so unfortunately it's now out of stock, but they do have some similar ones still available & if you want this specific one you can still find it on Ebay.

In the past I've avoided buying from supermarket fashion lines but recently I've been really impressed by some of the contemporary styles they've been producing, often at a fraction of the price you'd pay on the high street. The supermarket lines are also fantastic for plus-size babes: almost all George's items are available up to a size 24, & there are still stylish options up to size 32.

When I first tried the jumpsuit on, I wasn't sure it was for me - predictably, the legs were way too long & I felt a bit swamped. It didn't help that the legs & sleeves are both just straight, there aren't even cuffs, meaning I felt less stylish & more like the token woman mechanic in a car insurance ad. However, once I started playing around with the shape & making a few alterations, I really fell in love.

Jumpsuit: George at ASDA  //  Necklace: ASOS  //  Shoes: New Look

I rolled both the sleeves & the legs up to give the whole thing a bit more shape, & I also made sure to tie the waistband fairly high to give some definition to my waist. I added a bright lip & chunky gold jewellery to add a feminine touch but wore some chunky black heels to tie into the utilitarian look.

This jumpsuit has totally won me over & I can't wait to wear it again - I particularly love the idea of wearing it on holiday, fully unbuttoned to show off my Gabi Fresh bikinis. I might have a bit of a crack at the sleeves & legs with my sewing machine to see if I can give them a more slim fit, but overall I'm so glad I took a risk & bought this.

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