Sunday, 26 April 2015

Plus Size Summer Style

I can't wait to go on holiday in a couple of weeks (Malta here I come!) but my wardrobe is seriously lacking in anything resembling Summer clothing & when I started looking online I was kind of overwhelmed by the number of neon green shimmer kaftans I was seeing. So, I decided to put together a little collection of Summer-friendly items from my favourite retailers - enjoy!

I know Boohoo is better known as a party-wear brand, but I actually really love their basics, & they're super affordable compared to a lot of plus size retailers.  //  I love this dress because it's so versatile; while I'm away I'll be wearing it to wander round Valletta's old town, but once I'm back at work I can dress it up with a blazer & tights for a more formal look.  //  I find the fringe on the back of this shirt weirdly fascinating & I think it'll look great worn with a faded pair of jeans.  //  I picked out these two tops (chiffon tunic, slouchy tshirt) because I love how simple they are - a huge bonus on holiday - & I love the fact that they could both double as poolside cover-ups.

New Look has been my go-to store for reasonably-priced fashion for a while & they've got some great Summer options, although it's a shame that a lot of the more on-trend pieces aren't available in plus sizes.  //  We always end up doing quite a bit of walking on holiday, so these sandals looked like a perfect practical but cut option - they also come in loads of different colours, if pastel pink isn't for you.  //  I already have a pair of super classic square-framed sunglasses, but I couldn't resist these circular tortoiseshell frames with mirrored lenses.  //  White jeans are one of those things that fat girls are told we should avoid at all costs, but I think they're super summery & look great when paired with pops of colour, like this lilac double-layered cami.

ASOS Curve definitely isn't cheap, so generally I avoid buying items there that I'm only going to wear on holiday, but if you're looking for pieces you can integrate into your wardrobe year-round then it's definitely worth a look.  //  I recently bought a pastel pink flip-top backpack for work, & I love how practical it is, but the closure sometimes pops open, particularly if I'm carrying heavy items, so I want to buy one with a more secure fastening for travelling with & this white number from ASOS fits the bill.  //  I always buy shoes in black - it just makes sense considering how often I wear black tights - but black doesn't exactly scream Summer, so I'm keen to pick up some nude pumps, & these jewelled ones are really cute.  //  Speaking of shoes, my biggest fear is always getting blisters on the first day & being in pain for the rest of the trip, so comfy shoes are a must, & these Vans trainers are just over half price on ASOS.  //  The current temperature in Malta is 21°C (YEEEEEEEEES) but it's obviously going to be cooler in the evenings, & this red cardigan from Junarose is the perfect solution to night-time chills (along with lots of strawberry daiquiris, obviously).  //  Denim is obviously a Summer staple, but I realised recently that pretty much all my jeans are super dark: black, grey, navy... so I'm keen to pick up a lighter pair, & these mid-rise distressed skinny jeans look perfect.  //  I also love these high-waist black denim shorts, especially since you can style them with black tights to keep them wearable in Autumn.  //  & finally, this oversized white blouse is great for keeping cool in the sun, & it could easily be paired with a high-waisted skirt for a more formal look.

I've written before on this blog about my love for ASDA, but my advice if you're looking for sophisticated Summer pieces would be to avoid their "holiday shop" & scour the main range instead.  //  This pale aqua duster jacket is just £12 (you could easily pay £50 for it at somewhere like Simply Be) & I think it would look great paired with distressed denim, a white cami & chunky sandals.  //  I love the embroidery on this sheer bat-wing jacket - the only downside is the potential for some truly hellish tan lines...  //  I swear by ASDA's black plus size leggings & I love the print on these, plus they're perfect for throwing on to head down to the pool.

Hopefully this has given you all some Summer style inspiration, & I'd love to here where you find your Summer staples - let me know in the comments below.

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