Monday, 29 June 2015

Brand Review: Kiko Milano

For the past few months I've been on a total high-end makeup kick but that doesn't mean I don't still love a bargain, so today I wanted to highlight a more affordable beauty brand: Kiko Milano.

Founded in Italy in 1997, Kiko specialises in bringing a wide range of products to the mass market, with the majority of their products retailing at around £7. Choice is definitely something Kiko does well, with eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations & nail polishes all coming in a wide range of formulas & finishes. This can make the website a bit overwhelming so I tend to start of either in the sale section, or with a recommendation from a fellow blogger.

For a more affordable brand, the packaging certainly doesn't look cheap & is actually really similar in style to NARS, with plain matte black & white text.

The first product I picked out was this Soft Touch Blush in shade Light Plum (RRP £7.50). I've been trying to mix up my cheek products a bit more, & I love the soft flush this gives. The texture is also super silky & it wears for up to 12 hours on a well-prepped base - impressive considering I can't say the same for some of the high-end blushes I own.

The next product was less of a success. I picked up the Double Touch Lipstick in shade Rhododendron Pink (RRP £6.90) because it looked super similar to a now discontinued Body Shop lip product which I used to love, with a liquid lipstick base & gloss topcoat. However I had multiple issues with this product: 1. the colour was significantly different to what was shown online, 2. the product looked really patchy when applied, & didn't seem to set, meaning that adding the gloss just resulted in more streaks, & 3. the gloss portion of the packaging leaked. This gets a big thumbs down from me.

Next up is a product which I've actually already talked about on my blog (in my holiday round-up post) & it's the Velvet Mat Lipstick in Rosy Brown (RRP £6.90). This is probably the product I've got the most wear out of since purchasing, as it's the perfect brown-nude (think Kylie Jenner), plus it wears like a dream with no smudging & minimal fading. My only complaint is that the flat tip can make it a little tricky to get a really crisp cupid's bow, but whatever.

Next up is the Luscious Cream Lipstick in shade Taupe (RRP £6.90) which I unashamedly bought after seeing Danielle rock it in an OOTD. I love this colour & the creamy texture makes it super easy to apply. At least it would if this lipstick hadn't snapped in half while I was swatching it. I was super unimpressed & thought about contacting them for a replacement, but I never got round to it. Unfortunately the texture doesn't work with a lip brush, but I can just about just manage to use it if I'm gentle.

The final product is the "bestselling" Smart Lipstick in shade Amaranth (RRP £3.90). Despite its name, this seems to be their most basic lipstick formula, which is great news because there's a really wide range of colours & the pigmentation levels are fantastic. I'd definitely recommend checking this range out if you're looking for affordable lipsticks, & I'm already eyeing up Lilac, Golden Beige, & Rosewood.

Like a lot of more affordable makeup lines I found Kiko to be a bit hit-or-miss, but there are some real gems in there & I'm definitely keen to try more of their products, especially the new Water Eyeshadows. Have you tried Kiko yet, & if so, what did you think?

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