Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review: Zoeva Classic Face Brush Set

I've been making heart eyes at Zoeva's brush sets for months now, but with a limited budget, spending £50 on brushes was just never top of my priority list.

Fast forward to last week & I noticed by normal rotation of Real Techniques brushes were looking a little worse for wear - fair enough, since I've had most of them for a couple of years - & now seemed like the time to invest in some better quality tools.

Zoeva sell a variety of sets, with prices ranging from £30 for an eye or travel set to £85 for their full collection. They also sell individual brushes for between £5-£20. Slightly pricier than most high street brands but definitely not prohibitive & the quality is definitely there to justify the cost. 

In the end I went for the Classic Face Brush Set (£53) since I tend to keep my eye looks pretty basic so don't really need any more eye brushes, & I'm beyond happy with it.

The set comes with a great little makeup bag, in faux leather with a hot pink interior, and the Zoeva logo subtly placed on one side. The best thing about this bag is without a doubt the size; in the past I've had carry cases which left brushes crushed & misshapen because they were just too small for the brushes, but this bag is super roomy with plenty of space to ensure no squished bristles.

In the past, I had eyed up the rose gold set from Zoeva but in the end I settled on the classic black finish (which has a subtle glitter), mainly because the rose gold set just didn't have the brushes I wanted in it (plus, I didn't want to be stuck with the world's most dated brush set in 6 months' time).

The brushes themselves are made from a combination of natural & synthetic bristles, so if vegan-friendly tools are what you're looking for it's worth double checking the ingredients for the individual brushes before you buy (thankfully Beauty Bay make this super simple).

The Classic Face Brush Set contains six brushes, all of which have become instant must-haves in my collection.

1. Concealer & Buffer Brush  //  This small, round brush is perfect for applying concealer in delicate areas like around the eyes & nose, plus its density means it can buff product out for a flawless finish. I've recently been testing out the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer & that plus this brush is a winning combo.

2. Luxe Highlight Brush  //  This is definitely my favourite brush out of the collection & I'm honestly confused as to how I lived without it for so long. It's a medium-sized, tapered brush which is perfect for applying highlight on cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, & the cupid's bow. If you only buy one of these brushes, pick this one.

3. Petit Stippling Brush  //  This small stippling brush is designed for cream products & although I tend to prefer powders, it's great knowing that when I do want to dip into a cream blush I don't need to worry about contaminate it with a powder brush.

4. Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush  //  Speaking of blush, this fluffy, angled cheek brush is another favourite. Not only does it apply product beautifully, but there's also something really satisfying about seeing the white brush turn a rosy pink as you swirl it in a product.

5. Silk Finish Brush  //  I've always sworn by the Real Techniques foundation brushes but the Silk Finish Brush just feels like a whole new level. It's super dense, so product goes on flawlessly with no streaking, & the rounded shape makes it easy to buff in even thicker foundations like Estée Lauder's Double Wear.

6. Powder Brush  //  Last but not least is the super dense & super fluffy powder brush. It's pretty big meaning that it applies setting powder like a dream, although it may be too large for something like bronzer.

This is a fantastic kit & I think it would make a lovely gift for someone who loves makeup but is still using high street brushes (or for yourself, there's no judgement here).

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