Sunday, 12 July 2015

ASOS Dungarees Three Ways

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I've been debating buying a pair of dungarees (or overalls, whatever you want to call them) for a while now but I'd never quite found the perfect pair. 

Then, in a moment of desperation, I purchased this pair from the ASOS Tall range. I've bought a couple of items from the range before, since they go up to a size 20 & often have more fashion-forward pieces than the Curve range. The sizing can be a bit unpredictable (I originally purchased these in a 20 & ended up sizing down to an 18) but with ASOS' returns policy that's not really an issue.

One of my big issues when I was considering buying a pair of dungarees was that it was really hard to find clear and honest photos of plus size women wearing them, so I figured today I'd show you three different outfits starring my new favourite item of clothing.

Check Shirt - New Look  //  Dungarees - ASOS  //  Shoes - VANS

Look One - Weekend Casual  //  Dungarees are perfect for lazy weekends - they're super comfy & really practical (this pair even has a little pocket on the front which you can easily store your phone, keys & cash in). Can we also talk about topknots for a second? I know they're a bit weird looking, but I've been loving them lately, mainly because they keep my gross, half-grown-out fringe out the way.

Shirt - ASOS  //  Dungarees - ASOS  //  Shoes - Oasis

Look Two - Workwear  //  I know that in some more formal offices you might not be able to get away with dungarees (especially as a plus size woman, since we often get judged extra harshly on our appearances) but they are relatively easy to dress up. Just add a shirt, some fancy shoes, & a little bit of jewellery (I love the masculine edge a chunky watch gives) & you're ready to go.

Bralette - River Island  //  Dungarees - ASOS  //  Bag - ASOS  //  Bracelet - ASOS  //  Shoes - New Look

Look Three - Night Out  //  Obviously dungarees aren't going to replace a sweet cocktail dress but they can give a grungy edge to a night out. Here I've paired them with a cotton bralette & chunky gold jewellery for a sexier vibe, & my trusty lilac feather clutch keeps things fun.

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