Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review: Benefit Rockateur Blush

I've been meaning to review Benefit's Rockateur blush (RRP £23.50) for a while now but I kept holding off because I couldn't quite make up my mind on how I felt about it. I'm still not sure but I figured a review might help me settle it once & for all.

First up, packaging. I have a real love/hate relationship with Benefit's box blushes. On the one hand, it's great that you can swirl your brush around without losing any product, but on the other I think they look really cheap (not great when you're paying almost £25 for a blush) & they're super bulky making them a total pain to travel with.

In terms of shade, Rockateur is a rose gold, with a light shimmer which translates to a lovely glow on the skin. If you're not into the super highlighted look but still want a healthy glow, Rockateur is a great option. However, I do find the pigmentation to be really lacking (again disappointing considering the price). I have relatively pale skin (NC15-20) & I have to work hard to build up the colour, swirling my brush in the box & applying multiple layers. This might be great if you prefer a light wash of colour, but it means that if you like a bolder blush you're going to get through this product pretty damn quickly.

All of Benefit's box brushes come with a small, square brush which is handy if you're travelling but otherwise a complete nightmare. I find these brushes impossible to use & can't imagine keeping it in the box as it would get covered in powder.

Overall, I think Rockateur is a pretty colour but it's certainly not unique & when you can pick up Sleek's Shimmer Blush in Rose Gold (which has incredible pigmentation) for almost a fifth of the price, I'd save your pennies on this one.

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