Sunday, 2 August 2015

Laura Mercier Artist Palette Review & Swatches

I've been on the look out for a new eye palette for a while & when I spotted the Laura Mercier Artist Palette (RRP £45) I knew it was the one. 

I wear eyeshadow on a daily basis but prefer neutral shades, so in the past I've stuck to my trusty Naked palettes (I own 2 & 3), but having now - just about - perfected my morning routine I've been keen to try some more interesting looks & the Artist Palette seemed like a great option.

There's no denying it's pricey, but having been impressed with the quality of Laura Mercier's eyeshadows in the past (I actually own Kir Royal from this palette already in the Sateen formula) & loving the colour selection it was a commitment I was ready to make.

For makeup nerds, or just for those of you who would like to find more reviews before parting with your hard-earned cash, it's worth pointing out that this is actually a re-release of the super popular 2013 Holiday Palette which sold out almost immediately, so there's lots of swatches & tutorials available online.

For me, the packaging is the only downside to this palette. I prefer a hard case with a sleek design (think NARS), whereas the Artist Palette comes in a softer, slightly padded, cardboard case with a floral design in black & bronze. It's fine, just not really my style, plus as you can see, it holds fingerprints like nothing else.

The contents of the palette more than make up for the packaging though with 12 pans of purple (on the top row) & brown (on the bottom) based shadows. 

As you can see below, all the shadows are fairly pigmented, super buttery, & with minimal fallout even from the matte shades. I love the versatility of this palette, with a range of finishes & shades, I can easily see this being the one palette I take with me for a week away & being totally happy.

The palette also comes with a good size mirror & although I don't tend to use palette mirrors, they can definitely come in handy whilst travelling.

The twelve shades are as follows:
  • Sparkling Dew is a super light peach shade with a faint frost finish, perfect for highlighting on lighter skin tones.
  • Guava is a peach with strong golden undertones. This is a beautiful lid shade & could also work as an inner corner highlight on darker skin tones.
  • African Violet is my favourite shade from this palette; it's a cool-toned violet with a gold sheen that reads as duo-chrome when exposed to direct light - really beautiful & not a shade I've seen elsewhere.
  • Plum Smoke is a matte, grey-ish lilac shade which could work on the lid or in the crease.
  • Kir Royal has been my go-to shadow for a smoky eye since I bought the full-size sateen version six months ago, so I can't wait to try it out in a new formula. The shade is a deep burgundy-brown colour in a satin finish.
  • Violet Ink is a deep aubergine shade in a matte finish, perfect if you find black too harsh against your skintone or eye colour.
  • Vanilla Nuts is slightly darker than Sparkling Dew & is also matte. The shade is a pink-tinged beige & will work well as a blending colour on lighter skin tones.
  • Primrose is a peachy beige with a light frost finish, another beautiful lid shade.
  • Fresco is a peachy, medium brown, perfect as a transition or crease shade.
  • Bamboo is a golden brown with champagne shimmer, & reminds me somewhat of Factory from the Naked 3 palette, although it's definitely lighter.
  • Truffle is a warm chocolate brown in a matte finish, again perfect for the crease in a brown smoky eye.
  • Espresso Bean is a blackened brown & would look beautiful used to line blue or green eyes.

Buying this palette was definitely a commitment (I'm now on a spending ban for the foreseeable future) but I know I'll get my use out of it & I can't wait to start experimenting with some of the more unique shades.

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