Wednesday, 3 February 2016

OOTD: Casual Denim with ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve Denim Jacket with Borg Collar
I feel like one of the most insidious ways plus size style blogging has been shaped by fatphobia is our collective fear of posting more relaxed looks. & it's not an unfounded fear - god knows, the beauty standards fat women are held to are a huge weight to carry, even for those of us who reject them wholeheartedly - so it shouldn't really come as a surprise that we feel a pressure to constantly be showing our most polished selves.

That's why, today, I wanted to share a genuinely casual outfit. This has basically been my go-to look for the past few weekends because it's practical, flexible & easy - plus it makes me feel great.

ASOS Curve Denim Jacket with Borg Collar
ASOS Curve Denim Jacket with Borg Collar

This outfit also features some of my favourite items from ASOS Curve at the moment. I haven't been loving their latest releases but they're still my go-to brand for classic pieces which I know I'll wear again & again.  

ASOS Curve Denim Jacket with Borg Collar

This ASOS Curve Denim Jacket with Borg Collar in particular is incredible & currently on sale for just £27.50. Seriously - rich blue denim, faux sheep skin collar, relaxed fit & fully-lined - why doesn't everyone already own this? 

I've spoken before about this oversize striped shirt but it's still a firm favourite & I'm already eyeing up this grey version. These black denim shorts are a few years old but they seem to come back year on year, & they're so comfortable (stretch denim, yes please) I'd definitely recommend picking a pair up.

Weekday Agate Ring
Philadelphia Eagles Beanie

In terms of accessories it's all about simplicity & comfort so I'm wearing my Weekday Agate Ring, Philadelphia Eagles beanie, & Warehouse black leather boots.

What are your go-to weekend looks? & do you ever share them online?

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