Saturday, 26 March 2016

Reveiw: Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

I've spoken before about my love for Zoeva's high quality & affordable beauty products, so when I spotted the Rose Golden Blush Palette on BeautyBay for just £13 I couldn't resist adding it to my basket.
"Featuring a triad of contour and strobing friendly hues, Rose Golden Blush Palette utilises a Vitamin E infused formula to nourish the skin whilst simultaneously engulfing it in perfection and colour."
Like all Zoeva's packaging, the palette is made from cardboard but it feels sturdy & the satin rose gold finish is beautiful. It's also super thin which - combined with the fact it contains a bronzer, highlighter & blush - makes it perfect for travelling with.

The pans are a decent size making it easy to swirl a brush in them without catching the other shades & also meaning the palette is good value for money - if all three shades work for you.

The shades in the palette are:
  • Heavy Crown - A matte chocolate brown, perfect for bronzing on light to medium skin tones. This shade looks great in the pan - the perfect warm but not orange bronzer - but the colour pay-off is very minimal. The swatch above took a lot of rubbing & multiple swipes to build up any visible colour, & with a brush it's even worse. It's odd that this shade is so stiff when the other two are super pigmented & creamy, & it's a definitely downer on an otherwise great palette.
  • Glowing Still - This is actually the main reason I wanted to purchase the palette as I've been eyeing up Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl & wanted to test out whether or not a true white highlight would work on my skin tone. I really love this shade & the pigmentation is great for such an inexpensive brand, however it does have a strong golden undertone (similar to NARS Albatross) which means it's not the most subtle highlight & might not work on those with cooler skin tones. 
  • Palace Door - This classic rose gold blush is super flattering & despite being quite shimmery in the pan mellows out to a more subtle glow on the skin. It also looks great built up & could easily double as an eyeshadow, making this palette a great multi-tasker.

Wearing Heavy Crown, Glowing Still, & Palace Door

Overall this is a great value palette with a really beautiful blush & highlight combo, but it is a shame that bronzer lets it down. If you like the look of the other two shades it's probably still worth picking up thanks to the affordable price tag & the fact that you may be able to make the bronzer work if you prefer a very subtle warmth, but if you're on the fence it's maybe worth saving your pennies for something else.

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