Friday, 18 March 2016

Review: Maison de Moggy Cat Café

When my partner told me he'd booked something special for my birthday, it didn't take long for me to figure out we were heading to Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh's newly relocated Cat Café. Unsurprisingly, I totally loved it & wanted to write a quick review in case any Edinburgh locals were thinking of heading along. 

The café is located on Grassmarket, just down from the Castle, & is super central - great if you're only in Edinburgh for a short time. The café front has huge windows which not only let loads of light in but also mean you get a sneak peak of the cats snuggled on the window seats.

When you first arrive, you're asked to remove your shoes & the café owners take you through the house rules. It might sounds a bit OTT but as a cat lover I was really pleased to see the emphasis put on the cat's welfare & it's definitely reflected in how chilled out all the cats are.

A trip to the café costs £7 per person for an hour slot, & you can book online or chance it by dropping in on the day - if you know when you'll be going it's definitely worth booking ahead though as we saw a couple of people turned away as they were fully booked, even on a Friday lunchtime. 

The café doesn't serve hot food, but it does do drinks & cake - I had the salted caramel hot chocolate & chocolate orange cake, both of which I would totally recommend (the owners also super sweetly put a candle in my cake slice after I mentioned it was my birthday). If you do order cake, make sure you're careful as Elodie the Sphynx is super cheeky & will do her best to steal some even if it means clambering all over you.

All the cats were really relaxed & it was great to see that the variety of cat furniture meant they could choose how much interaction they wanted. I totally fell in love with Sebastian (below) who was chilling on a scratcher in the window, but we got to spend some time with almost all the cats, despite it being quite busy.

If you're a cat lover & based in Edinburgh I'd definitely recommend checking out Maison de Moggy for a super chilled hour or so in sweet cat (& human) company.

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