Sunday, 3 April 2016

Review: Plus Size Lingerie with Simply Be

It's no secret that finding plus size underwear that is comfortable, supportive & stylish is TOUGH so I wanted to take some time today to review a few sets which I bought recently from Simply Be (my go-to store for all types of lingerie).  
First up are these two great every day bras from Simply Be's own range which come in a set for just £24 - £12 for a good quality plus size bra is basically unheard of, so these are definitely worth checking out. In the set you get one bra in white with  black contrast trim, & one in black with white trim, both in the same diamond mesh. The mesh is great as it means the bra feels supportive yet lighweight, something that's really important as we move into Spring/Summer.

What I love about these bras is the fact they're plain enough to wear on a regular basis & under lightweight tops, without being dull - I actually think the contrast trim gives them a little sporty/retro vibe which I really like. Both bras also have a nice thick band with three clips making them really comfortable to wear, something that isn't necessarily a given with under-wired bras. These bras are honestly some of my favourites I've ever worn, so shout out to Simply Be for providing great quality styles at a really reasonable price.

Next up is the Scupltress Chi Chi Tropical set with bra (£35) & briefs (£18).

I tend to stick with neutral shades when it comes to underwear, purely for practicality, but I couldn't resist the print & colour combination of this set. It's not exactly subtle so most of the time I'll probably wear it under thicker layers but I also think it would look great paired with a sheer white shirt during the Summer or on holiday.

I'm also a big fan of the fabric/lace combo because it gives a more full coverage than a completely mesh or lace bra, without feeling overbearing or constricting. The band on this one is a little thinner than on the Simply Be bras but it's still comfortable & the padded shoulder straps make it perfect for supporting larger busts.

Last but not least is this stunning set from Pretty Secrets - again with a bra (£18) & matching briefs (£8).

I love the dark navy colour & the mix of floral lace with printed silk make it feel a little bit more special. The construction feels strong & supportive despite the more delicate fabrics. Unfortunately this is probably the least comfortable of the sets I purchased but I think a lot of that is down to the balcony style bra & hipster briefs which just doesn't really work for my body shape. That being said, it's still definitely wearable & is a great set if you want a little confidence boost.

Hopefully you found this review helpful & please do let me know in the comments below or on Twitter if you end up purchasing any of the sets.

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  1. The Chi Chi Tropical set is so pretty! Like you said, the fabric/lace combo is lovely.

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